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Council Tax Cashback
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This is a free step-by-step guide to a potential council tax cashback windfall, possibly backdated to when the system started in 1993.  Already hundreds of MoneySavers have tried and succeeded in getting £1,000s, and thousands more are in the process.

In a nutshell, council tax bills depend on your home's band, allocated based on the property's 1991 value. Yet no one came to your home to value it; it was usually done by “second gear valuation”, meaning estate agent would drive past and estimate the band. Staggeringly, in England and Scotland it hasn’t been revalued since; leaving more holes than in Swiss cheese. Check your council tax banding, if it's wrong challenge it and you may be repaid thousands.

 Why is this possible?

 KEY STEPS: Check your banding

   Step 1. Compare yours to your neighbours'
   Step 2. Check house prices for free
   Step 3. Work out your 1991 house price

 How to challenge your banding

 A few MoneySavers' experiences

 Also check for discounts

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House on the hill

 Don’t overpay, wherever you live!

Ensure you stay up to date! This system is new, as more people succeed and feed back, the process will be refined.  Keep in touch via the free weekly E-mail.

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